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Working in Brisbane

By 2041, Brisbane’s economy is anticipated to grow to $239 billion, with plenty of new jobs expected across key industries.

Brisbane’s strong economic growth has made the subtropical city one of the world's fastest-growing capitals and an exciting place to launch your career.

Plenty of new jobs are expected across key industries including health, tourism, property and construction, logistics, advanced manufacturing and business services.

Better yet, it’s possible to work and study in Brisbane at the same time, with real part-time employment opportunities available for students while you pursue a world-class education.

Taking on a part-time or casual job not only provides extra income, but also allows you to immerse yourself in the local workplace culture.

For international graduates wishing to stay in Brisbane, our thriving city offers a wealth of career prospects for aspiring professionals.

Ride Brisbane’s wave of economic growth and kickstart an exciting career here.

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Finding work experience
Whether you are working to gain postgraduate experience or need a casual job to help support your living expenses, there are plenty of ways to find work in Brisbane to suit your situation.
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Finding a job after graduation
If you wish to stay and work in Brisbane after you graduate, Here are some ideas to help you find a job.